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Regularly Renting Electric Scooters is Expensive.
15x More Per Mile Than Owning One Yourself.
That Means Your Brand New Electric Scooter Can Pay For Itself in as Little as 33 Days!

Top 5 Reasons To OWN An Electric Scooter

Insanely fun to ride and versatile enough to take anywhere in the city

More convenient than renting...and 15x cheaper per mile!

Lightweight, portable, and foldable for easy storage

More environmentally friendly than a Tesla

Pays for itself in as little as 33 days!

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16 mPH top speed

On flat ground and downhill

11-13 mile range

Depending on weight of rider and gear

4 hour charge time

When charging from empty

220 Pound Max Weight

Strong enough to carry you and all your gear

26.7 Pound Scooter Weight

Light enough to easily carry up stairs

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Speed, distance & power

How Fast Can You Go?

The Megawheels S10 has 3 speed modes:

     • Economy (7.5 mph) for maximizing efficiency.

     • Normal (12.5 mph) for casual riding.

     • Fast (16 mph) for getting you there, well, fast.

How Far Can You Go?

11-13 miles depending on the weight of the rider and how much stuff you're carrying.

How Much Weight Can You Carry?

The recommended maximum weight is 220 lbs.

Battery Life & charging

How Long is the Charge Time?

The Megawheels S10 charges in just 4 hours (from empty). To offer some perspective, many other scooters can take 8-10+ hours to charge from empty.

How many charge cycles Will it Last?

This scooter has a high quality lithium-ion battery (36V, 7.5Ah) that should last 500-1,000 charge cycles.

Even if you charged your scooter every day, it would take almost 3 years to reach 1,000 cycles.

where do i see the remaining battery life?

There is a conveniently located display between the handlebars (see Figure 1) that shows the remaining battery life, your current speed, speed mode, and headlight status.

safety features

How visible is the scooter? does it have lights?

The Megawheels S10 has an easily visible front LED light and rear brake light.

This provides better visibility than scooters that only have lights in the deck, which is fine for seeing the ground but not for seeing the road ahead or being seen by traffic.

Can you ride off-road?

We don't recommend it. This scooter is best suited to smooth terrain such as paved roads or trails. 

what other safety features are included?

This scooter comes with front and rear fenders to protect you from any water, mud, or rocks that get kicked up.

Another often overlooked safety feature of this scooter is that the cables are housed inside so they are not a snag hazard.

portability & storage

How Much does the scooter weigh?

This scooter weighs 26.7 pounds – light enough to easily carry up stairs.

How much space does it take up?

The Megawheels S10 fully folds for effortless transportation and storage.

Folded dimensions: 41.3in (L) * 17.1in (W) * 21.4in (H)

Unfolded dimensions: 41.3in (L) * 17.1in (W) * 45.3in (H)

Does it have a kick stand?

Yes – the integrated kickstand provides a simple and reliable method of standing your scooter.

Can it be locked up with a bike lock?

Yes – the two bars between the front wheel and the deck make locking up this scooter extremely easy. We recommend a sturdy U-lock for ultimate protection.

other things you might like to know

What material is it made from?

The Megawheels S10 frame is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and has 8 inch anti-puncture tires.

Can i use it Like a regular scooter?

Yes – this scooter can be used like a non-electric scooter (though it is a bit heavier).

Can I get accessories or replacement parts?

Yes – a wide variety of safe and reliable accessories and replacement parts are available, which make it fast and easy to repair or upgrade your scooter.

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Customer Satisfaction

Love It

Kevin M. (Michigan)

Easy to handle. Good battery life.

No problems so far. I love going to the park and back for my weekend picnics with my girlfriend.

Very pleased!

Lucy B. (New York)

We bought this scooter for our 12 year old son. We didn't want the small one because he is growing so fast. I think we're going to buy a couple more so we can ride as a family.

JR (California)

I spent a lot of money renting scooters and got tired of looking through 3-4 apps just to find a half dead scooter several blocks away..having my own has saved me so much time. Highly recommend for anyone with a commute under 5 miles.

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